Custom Hearse shown with 20 inch chrome wheels

Make A Custom Hearse An Integral Part of Your Funeral Home’s Image


The funeral industry can be a very competitive market even though the need for funeral services will always be in demand. The expense of operating a funeral home can be considerable for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the vital considerations when operating a funeral business.

Funeral Home Location

As with other real estate purchases, a funeral home’s location is important. The building must be big enough to hold funerals and visitations, and it should contain adequate office space. There should be an area where caskets, urn holders, and other necessities can be displayed. It should also have an indoor storage area to protect your funeral cars from the elements. It’s important to consider parking and the ease with which a funeral car can move from the parking lot to the road for a funeral procession. When an owner has a tight budget, they may opt to lease a space rather than buy it outright.

Funeral Home Equipment

Running a funeral home requires a substantial amount of equipment, and the costs can quickly add up. Embalming machines, storage, an embalming table, hydraulic lifts and many other items can add to the costs of necessary equipment.

Funeral Home Furnishings

When putting together a funeral and viewing area, the owner should consider what’s needed to keep grieving families comfortable including quiet areas with small tables and comfortable chairs as well as a seating area for funeral services. Additionally, the owner should consider adding a room where families can have a meal or a little quiet time.

Funeral Home Advertising and Promotions

To spread the word about your funeral home, the owner often will purchase ad space in local newspapers. It’s also worthwhile to consider buying radio ads and to send press releases to the area’s most important media outlets. But probably the top need for marketing these days is having an impressive website that is easy to find that provides a positive first impression of your business. Advertising can cost thousands and it’s important for new funeral home owners to budget this money wisely.

Funeral Home Vehicles

One of the most important areas to spend your money wisely is on your funeral vehicles. They need to be attractive, well built and reliable because your funeral car goes a long way in establishing the image of your business. You don’t want to pay attention to all the other details of your funeral business and overlook one of the most important impressions that others will see on the way to the cemetery.

A funeral home needs at least one Hearse (Funeral Coach). Often times, one or more six door limousines are needed to carry the families to the cemetery. The funeral home may also consider a lead car to lead the procession. The cost of buying a funeral vehicle can be significant, so it’s good to find an option that offers competitive pricing like Armbruster Stageway.

Not only is the pricing competitive, but the customer service is unmatched as well as the long list of special features that are available for your custom hearse. You can specify how you want your hearse or limousine designed from bumper to bumper.

Take the time to work with a Funeral Coach manufacturer that understands the importance of providing a quality funeral car that matches the quality and unique characteristics of your business. By following these tips, an owner can operate a profitable and successful funeral home.