Buy a Custom Hearse Straight From The Industry Leading Manufacturer

Buy a Custom Hearse Straight From The Industry Leading Manufacturer

When it comes to sophisticated and elegant vehicles for funeral processions, the reputation of Armbruster Stageway Coaches and Limousines leads the way. Armbruster Stageway manufactures custom hearses, limousines, flower cars, extended sedans, and other custom vehicles for funeral homes around the country. Funeral directors agree, the Armbruster Stageway models being produced today do a great job representing our company’s well-known and highly esteemed name.

Armbruster Stageway’s line of funeral cars are designed for funeral homes that understand their vehicles are an important part of the representation of their funeral home. They are customized for funeral homes that realize what their funeral cars say about their firm. Families that see the Armbruster Stageway vehicles may not always tell the funeral home directly about their funeral cars, but the families will talk with others about the presentation of the funeral home, including the funeral cars. Ambruster Stageway’s innovation in car design catches the eyes of people who see it.

Armbruster Stageway produces four distinctly different funeral coaches with special features and the ability to uniquely customize them to meet each funeral home’s needs. Those searching online for a hearse for sale should consider a custom model that lends the appropriate class and respect while simultaneously offering convenient features for funeral home directors and employees. Electronic extend tables, floor extensions, electronic retractable urn holders, customized embroidery, and a variety of strobe light combinations are just a few of the unique and practical features that can be ordered in a custom hearse straight from the manufacturer.

Buying straight from the manufacturer, funeral homes have the option of ordering custom features and dealing directly with those responsible for producing their vehicles. This means better customer service and lower prices on quality vehicles with industry leading features.

The full line of Armbruster Stageway limousines will accommodate any style of coach that you prefer. Whether you prefer a standard Six Door Limousine configuration or a 70 Inch Stretched Limousine with the rear seats facing one another, the styling and space of the limousines will luxuriously accommodate your passengers. Offering a raised roof that is seamlessly integrated into the rear glass, stretched rear doors, and high powered overhead A/C, the Armbruster Stageway limousines still lead the industry.