Funeral Car Manufacturer Offers Exceptional Customer Service

Funeral Car Manufacturer Offers Exceptional Customer Service

At Armbruster Stageway, we are a manufacturer of high-end funeral cars that are designed with a classic yet distinctive style. In addition to elegant exterior designs, functional design innovations set our funeral coaches and limousines apart from other manufacturers today. Funeral homes who invest in the Armbruster Stageway line expect and deserve the highest quality products and the highest levels of customer service.

Quality and Detail

At Armbruster Stageway, we take pride in every detail of the funeral coaches and limousines that we build. Built on the Cadillac XTS chassis, all of our funeral coaches have top-of-the-line curtain fabric, elegant shadow boxes, and other casket compartment components that differentiate our vehicles. Each funeral coach also has an exceptional level of functionality. The load door of an Armbruster Stageway Hearse opens to a 160 degree angle and it also has the lowest load height of any funeral coach in the industry, which eases the loading and unloading of a casket. Our funeral coach is also large enough to accommodate up to a 45” casket. Our company is constantly seeking ways to make each new model more attractive and functional to better serve our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers purchase a XTS XL funeral lead car from Armbruster Stageway, they can choose two different comfort packages. Each XTS XL lead car has been extended by seven inches and has a three inch raised roof to accommodate passengers. The size modifications also add to the style and appearance of the sedan. Funeral homes want a funeral lead car to look and perform in a way that reflects positively on their business.

Funeral homes may also want customized features to set themselves apart. Some of the special features we can add to our funeral coaches include an embroidered company logo on the fold out mat, a variety of strobe light combinations, a retractable urn holder, simulated etched glass for company logos, an electronic extend table, as well as 20 inch chrome wheels. Customers are welcome to request modifications to any funeral car. The Armbruster Stageway staff is committed to satisfying your needs.

Customer Service

A customer’s relationship with Armbruster Stageway begins when you first inquire about a funeral car, but it does not end when your new funeral coach, limousine, or lead car is delivered. Our simple slogan is to take care of our customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Perhaps we can offer to help fulfill a special delivery request or design a custom option. Maybe you prefer communicating via email or text message after normal business hours when you have more available time. We want your experience to be that of which you would recommend our products and services to others. Our goal is for your experience to be truly world class.