Buy Your Next Funeral Car Direct From the Manufacturer

When purchasing your next new six door limousine, funeral car, or hearse, buyers should take certain factors into consideration. In many cases, funeral homes buy a particular car brand simply because they have done so in the past. In other … Read More

Funeral Car Manufacturer Offers Exceptional Customer Service

At Armbruster Stageway, we are a manufacturer of high-end funeral cars that are designed with a classic yet distinctive style. In addition to elegant exterior designs, functional design innovations set our funeral coaches and limousines apart from other manufacturers today. … Read More

Buy a Custom Hearse Straight From The Industry Leading Manufacturer

When it comes to sophisticated and elegant vehicles for funeral processions, the reputation of Armbruster Stageway Coaches and Limousines leads the way. Armbruster Stageway manufactures custom hearses, limousines, flower cars, extended sedans, and other custom vehicles for funeral homes around … Read More