Buy Your Next Funeral Car Direct From the Manufacturer

Buy Your Next Funeral Car Direct From the Manufacturer

When purchasing your next new six door limousine, funeral car, or hearse, buyers should take certain factors into consideration. In many cases, funeral homes buy a particular car brand simply because they have done so in the past. In other situations, funeral directors focus on pricing and other factors. When it is time to buy a new funeral car, customers should consider how Armbruster Stageway continues to set itself apart among funeral vehicle dealers.


Armbruster Stageway has been working with clients to provide flower cars, hearses, and other funeral vehicles for many years. When clients work with a company like that, they do so with the assurance they’re dealing with team members who know how to do things right. We stand behind all our funeral coaches and limousines. Our team knows that exceptional customer service and go a long way in this industry.


When funeral directors buy vehicles from Armbruster Stageway, customer service doesn’t end with the sale. Armbruster Stageway has a trained staff that ensures the optimum cosmetic and mechanical condition of every vehicle before it leaves the shop, and our team prides itself on delivering the best-looking funeral vehicles available today. Our vehicles are built in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with outstanding design and quality, and every funeral car is crafted with care and attention to detail.


At Armbruster Stageway, our team focuses on the things that give our vehicles the ideal combination of features, comfort, and style. Our innovative designs along with the thoughtful details and customization put these cars in their own class. These vehicles are sure to enhance a dealer’s or funeral home’s professional image while providing your clients with the dignified transportation they deserve.

Customer Service

The funeral industry is quite competitive, so companies are looking for the best ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. When our customers buy funeral coaches from Armbruster Stageway, our team makes certain that the buying experience has the same quality as the vehicle being delivered. While it’s a lot of hard work to gain a competitive advantage in the funeral industry, we strive to do so by taking care of every client.

Finding the right funeral vehicles can be a challenge, but the manufacturer-direct buying process at Armbruster Stageway makes it easier. With help from our team, clients can design custom hearses that meet their needs and budgets. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.